Yeah you’re fine af but do you believe in gender roles ?

Yeah I’d love to go out but what are your opinions on institutionalized racism?

Yeah, you can have my number, but what are your views on gay conversion therapy?

I mean you’re a cutie but I’m more concerned with your stance on the unconstitutional incarceration & negligent placement of youth…

Sure,you got a nice body, but what do you think of the of current day segregation and it’s effects on public educational funding from the government?

You may be amazingly attractive but are you aware of the material basis for oppression and the necessity/inevitability of Capitalism’s downfall

great ass but what’s your take on black cultural appropriation?

I mean youre really funny and clever but how do you feel about hyper masculinity and how it perpetuates misogyny, and homophobia?

You are ridiculously engaging and witty but how do you feel about institutionalized racism in regard to the prison industrial complex? Do you believe in the fallacy of reverse racism?

You thicka than a snicka, but what are your view points on the current legalization of marijuana and its negative effects on the Black Community; while simultaneously profiting the white?

Boy, you fine as hell make a young woman yell! But what is your take on colorism, Eurocentric beauty standards, and sexism pertaining to its negative impact towards Black and Brown communities globally?

Tbh boy, I’d let you blow my back out… but what are your current views on Israeli governments occupation over Palestine and the blatant genocide within it’s own borders?

Damn son! You definitely won the genetic lottery, but what are your thoughts in regards to Antisemitism disguised as Social Justice?

I’d love to go out for coffee! But i’d love to know your opinion on anti blackness in America and how is effects the young Black psyche.

I’d love to go to a movie, White Boy! Just as long as you understand Women of Color aren’t play things you can ride to feel socially conscience than toss to the side when Mommy and Daddy find out. Do disclose your thoughts on exoticism and how it affects the Brown/Black woman on a global scale? 

These all sound like fantastic date conversations I’m not even kidding

Ooooh shit the white boy one!


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