The Intersection Ep. 15: The One w/ A Dreamer 

This week Creator,
Dreamer, Reiki Master Cat Evans meets us at The Intersection thanks to technology!
We talk about her intersections, what drives her, gush over her awesome love/girlfriend
and she takes a hard pass on one of the questions we ask everybody. And DreamFest 6 is coming!

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#TheTea, Ayesha Curry has a new cooking show
and it’s not about curry… Who knew?  Do Black
people and other POC even watch HGTV? Michel’le survived Compton and is
thriving in her Lifetime Reality series. What is “White Famous” and why is “The
Rap Game” still a thing?  Who #TriedIt,
mostly yt men in power. The CGW says it’s a McSpiracy and Raina McCleod is #DoingTheMost
to save our ice cream dreams.



Written by Jessica Lanyadoo



The New Moon in Scorpio on the 18th is here to confront you with your sh$t, so get on board, lovers. Expect to feel compulsive and intense feels and to have everyone around you wrestling with their own demons as well. The 2017 August Eclipses kicked off a deep cycle of development that is still unfolding. We’re being confronted by our shadow side, both on an individual level but also as a society. What and who you value, how you express that value, and what you’re willing to take on or let go of is going to be amplified and reflected back to you this week. Instead of recoiling away from what’s hard to look at, try to be interested in it. Seek authenticity and equanimity instead of fighting against yourself.

Scorpio gets a bad rep because it’s so intense, but it’s one of the signs that holds the shadow for us all. Just because a thing is complicated, doesn’t make it deep, and just because it’s deep, doesn’t make it right. Stay present with the messiness. This is a time to engage in radical self-acceptance; it’s OK to own the parts of yourself that you’re not super proud of. The path to real change requires you to replace shame and guilt with humility and compassion. Be brave enough to shine light into the darkest parts of yourself and the world around you.

The square from aggressive Mars to power-playing Pluto from the 18th-20th  – paired with Jupiter in Scorpio, the New Moon in Scorpio, and all that Eclipse madness – may bring up more intense feels than you wanna deal with. We’re in a time when sexual assault survivors are stepping forward, and the world is finally starting to listen. The conversation about racism, violence, and other forms of systemic oppression is more in the hands of the people that are adversely impacted by these things than ever before. Misogyny and racism are not new (obvi), but the conversation that we’re having now is, and that’s due to many things. We are at a time in history when the people (Uranus in Aries) have a stronger voice. The Internet gives each and every one of us a platform, and we as individuals get to chose what to listen to. For the first time in history, it’s not the government, church, or corporations that have total control over the media we consume. We must all do our part to fight to preserve that freedom so we can continue to hear marginalized voices share their/our own experience, in our/their own words. Neptune is moving through Pisces which can bring us all together, promoting greater kindness and empathy, or it will incline us to tune out and dissociate from painful things.

Everyone copes differently, and everyone heals at their own pace. Find yours.


March 21-April 19

When you act in ways that are healthy for you, living in your own skin is easier and happier. When you get too caught up with yourself, that’s taking it too far though. Make sure that your strength and happiness don’t come at the expense of others or the relationships that hold you up, Aries. This week may bring you drama that has you confronting some harsh realities. Try to avoid extremes in how you manage your life and the people in it, my love.


April 20-May 20

When you feel down, it’s easy to lose sight of your potential. Don’t indulge your negative fantasies this week, no matter how tempting they may be. Your malaise is not an opponent to destroy but a pain to be nurtured into wellness. Treat yourself with the same kindness and patience that you want others to offer you, Taurus. Listen kindly to your sad and shut down parts so that you can correct what’s not working for you rather than just repress the symptoms.


May 21-June 21

When you’re overwhelmed, it’s really hard to see what’s possible because you’re so focused on what’s immediately in front of you. No Gemini is an island, and when your systems of support aren’t available, it’s really hard to feel good about what you’re doing. Tend to your environment and the people in it this week because how you manage yourself in concert with others impacts your overall wellness and success. Prioritize the people and situations that hold you up.


June 22-July 22

Watch out for the evils of anxiety, Moonchild. This week is likely to trigger your worries, and you may even find them parading themselves as intuition. Instead of trying to heal your wounds or escape them altogether, prioritize getting yourself to a place of acceptance. Locate yourself in your current reality, and sit with that for a while before you go looking for solutions. Be strong enough to do what you need to do, even if it doesn’t win you any popularity contests.


July 23-Aug. 22

You can say all the right words, but if you don’t believe in yourself, you’ll be shouting into the wind and feeling cold for it, Leo. Your boundaries are not just about what you say but about what you do. If you stay home because you know you need to be alone but spend the whole time on social media stalking your friends, you haven’t really given yourself the gift of alone time. Take your self-care to the next level this week, and follow all the way through with what you need.


Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Negative or scary thoughts are the most compelling ones. When your heart rate goes up and your sense of safety is threatened, it’s hard to ignore. That said, your job this week is to make sure you’re not mistaking triggering dynamics for traumatic situations. They may be equally painful, but they take different remediation. Stay with your upset feelings long enough to understand what they’re made of so that you can then take steps that bring you the greatest healing, Virgo.


Sept. 23-Oct. 22

What if I told you that all of the setbacks you’re suffering and all of your frustrations were all part of a bigger plan and that you’re going to be absolutely fine? Honestly, I can’t promise you that, but I can say this: there’s no way of knowing for sure, so why not take a chance on the best-case scenario? Have faith – especially when you feel without hope – that there’s a larger picture and that what you’re going through today will only make tomorrow more beautiful, Libra.


Oct. 23-Nov. 21

This week’s New Moon is extra special for you because it’s the one time a year that it happens in your sign, Scorpio. Think of this as your time to get grounded in your body, your home, and in your life. If you don’t like what that feels like, then you can move forward from a grounded place. This week it’s all about knowing yourself, not fixing the world or making your fortune. Make sure that you’re building your future on a solid foundation even if it requires you to move slower than you’d prefer.


Nov. 22-Dec. 21

When you show up for the right kinds of commitments and compromises, your life blossoms for you. This isn’t the time to avoid responsibility, but be sure that you’re not making concessions that are off-brand with what you’re trying to do. Be open to inspiration from your dreams and inner voice even if they guide you in a different direction than you thought you were going, ‘Tarius. In the words of astrologer Rick Levine, “change is inevitable, growth is optional.” 


Dec. 22-Jan. 19

When you shift and grow, the people around you end up in a predicament; they can either adjust and change with you, or they can fight it. The latter is kinda inevitable if they feel upset by your changes. You’ve been growing in leaps and bounds, and it’s likely to trigger some serious shifts in your interpersonal life. Don’t defend yourself or convince others of your perspective; just show up, and be honest about where you’re at. Own the changes you’ve fought so hard to achieve, Cap.


Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Pain is a part of healing, but negative obsessions are not. Take charge of the flow of your thoughts, even if that feels like an impossible job this week. If you indulge your impulse to give energy to the things you fear, you’re basically investing in them. Let go of your narratives, and deal with your emotions at face value, Aquarius. Take the time to feel things without getting caught up in stories that give you distance from your feels; it’s time to let go so you can move on.


Feb. 19-March 20

Too much of a good thing can be super destructive. Enjoy your successes without indulging in self-destructive behaviors pretending to be self-care. Enjoy TV, or drinks, or chocolate, but not so much that you keep yourself in a rut or bring about negative consequences. You have so much going for you, Pisces, so keep your vision clear. When you need a break, take it, and when it’s time for a treat, indulge yourself instead of stuffing your emotions, my love.



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