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Today’s card is Queen of Fire!
Confident, warm, intelligent and graceful. The Queen is on her throne ready to conquer the day.
Bring in this Divine Feminine Energy to get it handled today!
Spread your wings and fly and fly higher!


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Comedian Hari Kondabolu made a documentary in 2017 called The Problem With Apu. It’s not very long — less than an hour. In it, he interrogates the legacy of Apu, the convenience store owner on The Simpsons voiced by Hank Azaria. Kondabolu talked to other actors and comics who longed for more South Asian representation, only to find that at the time, Apu was just about all there was. And Apu was not only voiced by a white actor, but he was doing what Azaria has acknowledged is a take on Peter Sellers doing an Indian accent in the movie The Party. In other words, he based his caricature of an accent on someone else’s caricature of an accent. Or, as Kondabolu said on W. Kamau Bell’s show Totally Biased, “a white guy doing an impression of a white guy making fun of my father.”

Sunday night, The Simpsons offered what is apparently its best effort at a response. In one of the plotlines, Marge tries to read Lisa a book she loved as a little girl and realizes it’s full of racist stereotypes. In an effort to share the book with Lisa without passing along the things she finds offensive, Marge revises the book and brings it back to Lisa.

“It takes a lot of work to take the spirit and character out of a book, but now it’s as inoffensive as a Sunday in Cincinnati,” Marge announces. Marge has changed everything in the book so that nothing in it can bother anyone, which involves making the central character so perfect that, as Lisa instantly announces, “there’s no point to the book.” Marge asks what she’s supposed to do.

This comparison is utterly dishonest, of course, for a multitude of reasons. Apu is not the central character of The Simpsons, and it’s absurd to suggest that the fabric of the show will be unwound if he doesn’t continue to be the same caricature he is. His existence at the periphery — his very flatness, and his definition as a bag of signifiers meant to scream “INDIAN!” is integral to what it means to write a racist stereotype. It’s galling that writers will force a character to exist as funny scenery and then complain that they cannot change him without upsetting the emotional arc of the series.

‘The Simpsons’ To ‘The Problem With Apu’: Drop Dead

Image: FOX

Happy Thursday y’all!
My #WiFrienSter shared a whole word this morEning!
Grab your tea and meditate on this…
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Our culture demands so much from women. We must have the perfect body, a beat face, a career where you are “securing the bag“ picture perfect relationship, beautifully decorated home, and don’t forget perfectly coiffed hair. Of course, reality is often the complete opposite of all of these… We struggle, we are messy, we eat from the drive through, kids misbehave, we face loneliness, infidelity, insecurity and a lack of opportunity. We make unhealthy choices and flat out mistakes. We’re XX years old and “still” aren’t in the house, location, or position we thought we’d be in by now. We have miscommunications and losses. We have criminal records and addictions. Yet, none of this means WE are a loss. WE are here. WE can be of service. WE can add value, whether it’s a word of preventative advice, or a word of encouragement. WE can offer our “experience, strength and hope” to another. We can STILL excel at life in some aspect. WE can whisper or shout a prayer. WE can show up with a good attitude and a smile. WE can look in the mirror and encourage ourselves, then go out in to the world and encourage someone else. No matter our imperfections we can still give AND receive good things. Thank you @troubleman31 #RapTure for the reminder. It resonated in my soul💙🙏🏾💙. #ThisIs40➕ #MosesYear
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