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The more I do the work, the more I realize the importance of being self-centered.
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Not in the negative way that I have been or have witnessed
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Contrarily, I find that I must be centered in myself before going outward
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It is imperative that I:
• be willing to hold up the mirror and/or look into the mirror that is held up for me
• be willing to stand in integrity with myself
• be honest with myself
• own my judgments, feelings, beliefs and projections
• be willing to see my actions in the situation without taking anything personally
• be willing to forgive myself
• be willing to love the unlovable parts of myself
• • •
When I have done these things, then I can witness my thoughts. When I can bare witness to my thoughts then I am more aware of what I say and do. This is the way I seek to live in my highest good. This is the way I choose to be in the world. When I am this way, I am healing and holding space for healing. When I am this way I am modeling interaction and connectivity w/ others. When I am this way I am attracting what I desire and what I need to evolve. When I am this way, the fruits of the labor begin to show up ripe and in due season in the outer world.
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Text in the graphic is my modification of The Vaca Sutta Fivefold Test.
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