The Cultural Appropriation Cavalcade by Brittany Raji

Hey SlayBaes’,

So I’m chopping
it up with a friend and tells me about a party promoter that’s
throwing a Dashiki Day Party. After seeing the screenshot of the
flyer I feel like this trend has gone too far!



Now, for those of
you who don’t know my husband is African, Nigerian specifically,
and I’ve been to Africa, The Continent, The Motherland. I also run
a successful International business that features Handmade African
Clothes and Accessories. So, TRUST me, what I’m about to say is


The way people are wearing “Dashiki Styles”
is all wrong! This is not to my
Conscious/Woke/Knowledgeable/AfroCentric Queens who slay errrday! But
to the ones who are wearing these Made In China replicas in polyester
bodycons, baby that ain’t the work of the LORDT!


While I was in
Nigeria, I saw some AMAZING styles of authentic dashikis and custom
traditional fabric sets. It was absolutely beautiful and I had a few
pieces made for myself.  And believe it or not, they are not walking
around Africa in Ankhs and Dashikis. They love high fashion and to be
legit that #slayage is on a whole other level.

For those who
work pieces to connect to (y)our heritage, and showcase (y)our beauty
at its best, ain’t no trend… I see you being “Bout Dat Life”.
I personally have never owned a dashiki, even though I own an
international Afrocentric company. And my Queendom is firmly intact.
Being a queen starts in the mind and becoming aware of the melanin
power that is your birthright changes your whole swag.


Ms. Hill said it
best, “ How you gone win when ain’t right within”. When
people rock replicas of our heritage because it’s “on trend” or
“what’s hot”, they are stuck. The Media has brainwashed them
into a trend and when it changes so do they. Don’t be a Zombie * Fela
voice*. Don’t murder The Motherland with these culturally
appropriated knockoffs and style them so THOTLY. Our melanin is naturally sexy and polyester is beyond

Put some RESPECK on the game. 

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