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Our culture demands so much from women. We must have the perfect body, a beat face, a career where you are “securing the bag“ picture perfect relationship, beautifully decorated home, and don’t forget perfectly coiffed hair. Of course, reality is often the complete opposite of all of these… We struggle, we are messy, we eat from the drive through, kids misbehave, we face loneliness, infidelity, insecurity and a lack of opportunity. We make unhealthy choices and flat out mistakes. We’re XX years old and “still” aren’t in the house, location, or position we thought we’d be in by now. We have miscommunications and losses. We have criminal records and addictions. Yet, none of this means WE are a loss. WE are here. WE can be of service. WE can add value, whether it’s a word of preventative advice, or a word of encouragement. WE can offer our “experience, strength and hope” to another. We can STILL excel at life in some aspect. WE can whisper or shout a prayer. WE can show up with a good attitude and a smile. WE can look in the mirror and encourage ourselves, then go out in to the world and encourage someone else. No matter our imperfections we can still give AND receive good things. Thank you @troubleman31 #RapTure for the reminder. It resonated in my soul💙🙏🏾💙. #ThisIs40➕ #MosesYear
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“The great thing about getting older is that you don’t lose all the other ages you’ve been.” Madeline L’Engle
Life is a process. We are a process. Everything that has happened in our lives has happened for a reason and is an integral part of our becoming.
One of the challenges of our lives is to integrate the pieces of our lives as we live them. It is sometimes tempting to try to deny huge periods of our lives or forget significant events, especially if they have been painful. To try to rase our past is to rob ourselves of our own hard-earned wisdom.
There is not a child or an adolescent within us. There is a child or adolescent who has grown into us.
When we realize that among the most important strengths that we bring to our work are the life experiences we have had and the ages we have been, maybe we will not resent getting older.
MY WISDOM emerges as I accept and integrate all that I have been and all that has happened to me.
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