Hey y’all hey!
My friend, Hilary, started asking me about two years ago, as a way of checking in, “How is your heart?”
The question always makes me pause, breathe deeply and be attentive/mindful/notice the moment and how/where my heart/mind/body is.
I am heart-led, so everything proceeds from my heart.
I integrated the question.
It is a part of me.
It is a part of how I remain connected and cultivate relationships.
It is a form of care for self and others.

How is your heart?


Hey y’all hey!
Whatchall doing for #SelfCare?

The weekend is a good time to replenish and Saturday and Sunday are not the only days to take care or yourself.

Bubble baths and lighting candles aren’t the only ways to experience self care.

Take a look at this post by @for.harriet and check out a variety of ways that you can take care of yourself.
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