Black Nerd Power Ep. 62

On this week’s Black Nerd Power​ I’ve built a pillow port in my feels about Straight Outta Compton and the exclusion of the women from the story, the story I lived, the stories behind the stories…How DOPE the the movie DOPE is and what great time it is to be a Black Nerd! Awlada music! Plus the Baes Kamikaze​ share exciting news with us! Richard says something about iPhones… all I hear is Samsung and a new Final Fantasy game is released. Markus has a pick of the week that has to be from the Debil… because being turned into a Vampire during Shark Week means it’s always SHARK WEEK!!! That is not of GAWD!!!  And I give #Westies from my soul to Josh Duggar, Jared Fogle, and draw parallels between them and Robert Kelly. #BNPIfYaNasty #CoolPeoplePlacesThingsIdeas #PurpleHairAndConverse


Urban Story Telling | Memphis Urban News | #MainstreamTV Ep. 5

Check this out! Part 1 of Dr. Robinson’s Urban Storytelling interview… that’s right guys Dr. Zandria F. Robinson is a professor and how does she move? Running don ethnographic research and popculture at the same time… Check her out here: le vidyo! and here»> the twittuh:@zfelice and here»> the innawebs:
And that super funny guy in le vidyo is Main Stream of Memphis Urban News «<those are his tags and you check him out here »> the twittuh:@mainstreammphs and here »> the innawebs:

Urban Story Telling | Memphis Urban News | #MainstreamTV Ep. 5