Hey y’all hey!
It’s been a while since I have had insomnia…
But here we are at the close of the witching hour and yours truly is up working and sipping #Jasmine tea.
Actually, my body has been going into #polyphasic sleep cycle during the summer for 7 or 8 years now.
I’ve learned that it is a good time for me to reflect/meditate/create/recalibrate.
As the new school year quickly approaches, I am eager/anxious to get back into the swing of things, new opportunities and gaining momentum on existing projects.
The 1st half of the year was a bit of a bumpy ride as I was stretched into trusting the process (again).
The 2nd half is starting off smoother (that doesn’t mean that there won’t be/aren’t bumps and obstacles, I am mindful to remember trust in those moments.)
I’m looking across my desk now at my vision board and feeling elated at the visions that have come to fruition:
#myfirstessencefestival🙌🏾 spending time with family and #MumusSweetSummerATLBookParty and what is yet to come.
This second half of the year also looks a lot like the beginning of my 2nd act and I’m feeling very ready.
#GettingFree is reminicscent of the boldness and invincibility of youth, I am happy to be recapturing that and living forward.
I’ll be chatting about this and more on my #IGTV today (#TeaAndCrystals, What’s up with #TarotEveryday and posting consistently, and why The Grandmothers card may be guiding the 2nd half of the year).