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Grab your tea and meditate on this…
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Our culture demands so much from women. We must have the perfect body, a beat face, a career where you are “securing the bag“ picture perfect relationship, beautifully decorated home, and don’t forget perfectly coiffed hair. Of course, reality is often the complete opposite of all of these… We struggle, we are messy, we eat from the drive through, kids misbehave, we face loneliness, infidelity, insecurity and a lack of opportunity. We make unhealthy choices and flat out mistakes. We’re XX years old and “still” aren’t in the house, location, or position we thought we’d be in by now. We have miscommunications and losses. We have criminal records and addictions. Yet, none of this means WE are a loss. WE are here. WE can be of service. WE can add value, whether it’s a word of preventative advice, or a word of encouragement. WE can offer our “experience, strength and hope” to another. We can STILL excel at life in some aspect. WE can whisper or shout a prayer. WE can show up with a good attitude and a smile. WE can look in the mirror and encourage ourselves, then go out in to the world and encourage someone else. No matter our imperfections we can still give AND receive good things. Thank you @troubleman31 #RapTure for the reminder. It resonated in my soul💙🙏🏾💙. #ThisIs40➕ #MosesYear
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Adventures in BEing Sober

Hey Y’all Hey!

So it’s another week and I am not even counting the days of sobriety anymore… I know that for the immediate future I will still not be drinking… And also remaining sober…

Yes, you read that correctly. Not drinking and sobriety are different things. Not drinking, simplly means abstaining from alcohol, while being sober is about being present, aware, and clear.

Sound a little abstract and New-Agey?

Maybe it is… Maybe because when I started shedding the bullshit, I literally made room and space for me to BE and to Be Open to some clear and possibly different interpretations and impressions related to the High Power, me, and Life…

No, I still haven’t been to a meeting, but the meetings (as they were) have been coming to me. That is to say… I have been finding the messages that I needed (or rather they have found me) and the guidance and the support and then some more messages that revealed and confirmed what I needed. (Messages are soooooooooo much better than challenges on top of growth for the growth through challenges while growing through growth.)

It’s actually very straight forward and not abstract or obtuse at all… When you get clear, the path opens up for you to get and have what you need.

One of the things that I have been consistent about is drinking tea…

Yes, Tea! I have even ritualized the tea… Making it part of my daily regimen of getting started. Taking time to read those little inspirational tea tags. It’s a simple thing that sometimes has a profound effect. Maybe it gives me advice, sometimes a challenge, and always something to share. 

Another thing I have done has been to change my eating habits gradually… So over the last month, especially since detoxing, I have been returning to a plant-based, whole foods lifestyle. No, not a diet… (Remember up there when I said I shed the bullshit, DIETS ARE BULLSHIT… Temporary quick fixes… and as quickly as you do it and get results, is about how quickly you’ll be back to whatever you were on before)>>>>Steps off of soap box<<<< 

So… Yeah I have just been adding more fruits and vegetables and actually eating breakfast!!! LISTEN, there are plenty of times I’ll say and stand by “FUCK WHAT YA HEARD!”

Breakfast being the most important meal of the day, is not one of those times.

Now… that we have cleared that up… 

Getting proper rest, nutrition, and some dose of something good for your spirit will set you up for success everyday. Like seriously, when things get difficult (and they will and do) trust me that being tired and hungry (undernourished physically and spiritually) will only exacerbate the issue.

So yeah, put good things in so you can get good things out. There is no specific dogma that I am a fan of or promote, just listen to yourself, what aligns with you, what feels balanced. Hell, I meditate and do yoga, sometimes while listening to trap music… What works, works  and The Truth is already there. 

My balance currently looks like revisiting Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much. I have been reading this book for about three years and this year from a space of clarity I am receiving so much gold from it and I have finally been able to retire the Title, Crown and Scepter as The Empress of Excessive Activities. Oh and not pick up some more stuff… I am BEing and not DOing. Gloooray!!! 

I am also doing real Sankofa work (click here for more info) with Mother Iyanla, going back 15 years and completing One Day My Soul Just Opened Up. Yeah, it’s work… All of the work!!! And I finally fell back in love with myself in a way that I am clear I haven’t in a long time that allows me to know that I am worth it… <<< That sounded a little corny and cliche… But shit, IT’S TRUE!!!

I am currently listening to good music, eating good food, drinking good water, getting good rest, and receiving good messages from everywhere (even the ones that don’t feel good initially)…  And I wish the same for you. 

Well, WE made it another week! Happy FriYay Y’all!!! 

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Until Next Time…

Love, Light and All The Beauty,