Hey y’all hey!
Happy Tuesday!!

🎶I live my life by the moon//
If it’s high play it low// if it’s harvest go slow// and if it’s full then go.🎶 Nelly Furtado

Today I pulled inspiration from the @goldenthreadtarot (Labyrinthos) #luminousapirittarot app while sipping some green tea.

🌱 And it was a perfect reminder of the growing awareness happening and how I am assessing my goals and refining the process for my now.
👍🏽Some days I feel spot on, like I know exactly what I am doing!
👎🏽Other days, I’m looking for am adultier adult to help me figure some shit out.
🙌🏽 Thing is, I am now the aduliest adult for me.
I am in charge and sometimes that is scary as hell because what if I mess up?
🌗Welp, the Waxing Gibbous Moon (that comes every month like clockwork) reminds me that I can take time to analyze my missteps and take action on improving.
Yay, for that!
Yay, for adulting! (because I don’t really have a choice, so I might as well own it)
Yay, for reaching our goals.