We gone start this thing off right!!!
#HappyNewYear #LiveYourBestLife
Abbreviated repost from @oldeways
“I was experiencing some anxiety and I started reflecting on the sad moments of this past year, the low points, the unthinkable things that I don’t share with anyone. I was deep in thought and then suddenly I shifted. I did go through a lot and yes it made me strong but I do not need to suffer in order to be strong or to get to where I want to be in life. I do not resonate with the vibration of suffering. All contracts connected to suffering are null and void in all directions of time. I am successful because of all of my hard work and brujeria. I give back to my spirits and I have no debts with the universe. I am worthy. Ashe”
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Hey y’all hey!
Happy Saturday!!
Turn your magic up wherever you are!
Sage the space.
Sip the tea.
Say a prayer.
Shuffle the cards.
Take some dirt.
Feed your ancestors.