There are times…
When you need someone, I will be by your side.
There is a light shines…
Special for you and me.
The @choclatgirlwunda and I had to make a quick trip to TN to check on our people.
I’m so happy that our bond has broken generational curses and has continued to heal our lineage.
We continue to move towards the light.
#light #motherdaughterbond
#notmymini #herownperson
#healing #womxnswork


Typically the inconvenience comes down to having to take responsibility for something, or at least in admitting that the excuse you’ve been using doesn’t hold up.
I have been through enough things that I could use as an excuse for why I haven’t done, been or become. The reality is that I HAVE BEEN THROUGH, meaning I made it to the other side.
And if I’m being really transparent, I created and participated in some of those situations because of the judgments and feelings I had about myself, my value, what I deserved or didn’t deserve.
I am grateful to have found my strength in times of sadness, shame, embarrassment and guilt.
Though I might have become who I have always been meant to be without some of the pain I experienced (especially that which I had no control over) I am aware that some of it is was necessary for me to GROW through.
Would I even be slangin’ this #Hope #Positivity #Love and #Light if I hadn’t been in the dark and despair?
Thank you @spark4leadership, for sparking thoughts that allow me to look at myself, face my inconvient truths, and continue to shift and grow.

Channeling Ancestral Energy. Today I feel my Granny in my spirit. #Cherokee #Eastband #BlueEarth #FrancesMay #Mary #PiscesSeason #DressedInAllBlackLikeTheOmen #WeWaitInTheCarAtTheBusStop #WeSlay #Crochet #HerPurpleHighness #Light #TampaBae