This @Regrann from @vagabroadjournals –

Once again coming through with the affirmation…

“ You don’t owe anyone excuses for your circumstantial aesthetic when you are mid-transformation. Protect your soul’s pores from poisonous words and keep speaking life.”

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My oh my!!!
This@Regrann from @vagabroadjournals –

Preaching my life; my heart; my soul.

“Sometimes when you declare that you’re ready to journey soulfully the first thing to happen is the upsetting of your "normal”. Suddenly your world gets flipped because you’ve made yourself inhospitable to the backwardsness (is that a word?) that once characterized it. It’s either a rich space or a space that freaks you out so much that, in fear you retreat back to the “normal” that was meant to get you upset enough to leap into recreating yourself.“
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