#currentsituation #hairbraiding yesterday I was hosting the founder and team of a worldwide social movement #ITalkToStrangers #30countries #AcrossBorders now I’m braiding the hair of a young lady I watched grow up and sending her off to tour more college’s for the summer… Somewhere in this morning I’ll prepare breakfast and send the team back the road with their bellies full… Then I’ll host my baby girl’s sleepover leading into her birthday tomorrow… And find tickets to visit my oldest daughter and my first grandbaby… But for now I’m braiding hair… #adventuresinmalaika #PalAikaPope #ProjectChíck #ITTSMemphis #global #Ambassador #thatssomalaika #whatthehellisshedoingnow #purplehairandconverse




I have been in Memphis for almost 2 decades (18 years Jan 1, 2014 to be exact) an I’ve seen some old things, seen some young things, seen some little pretty go and come things…What an enticing peace of something! Memphis is so full of talent that it has been my chosen exile, forsaking the sun and sand of Cali and staying planted in fertile ground. The talent in Memphis is so rich an raw that daily I am amazed. And #206picassobaby is no exception! An apropos title borrowed from the incomparable Jay Z album Magna Carta Holy Grail. In as much at that album is a game changer, so is Memphis an especially this event. Seamlessly blending genres, culture and philosophy under one roof. #206PicassoBaby seeks to engage and expose attendees in a creative environment. PHOTOGRAPHY.  DANCE. FASHION. VISUAL ART. LIVE MUSIC. A creative multi-dimensional event with theoretical ideas and concepts.

Described by coordinators as “A Plethora of artistic performances emerging,…. then pouring into the city; reflective of a sense of Picasso’s habitually chaotic style.” 

You are invited to witness this eruption of Memphis’ intellectual, creative beings as they touch the audience through extension of talent in the forms of writing, image, engagement, and performance.

Be fearless in your pursuit of GREATness! And only paranoid of being the one that gets the updates and not make the updates.

Opportunity is knocking, answer without reservation!

—Malaika Salaam,TheMotivator