Roll Call!!! It’s day two and NATURALS in THE CITY is about to go all the way in!!!

Get ready! Get ready! Get Ready!

Photos, Interviews, Live Tweets, Updates, Live Blogging… It’s all happening

YOU can get the full schedule of events here»>                             (it can be downloaded to your iPhone or Android)

I’ll be there with my purple hair and converse sharing with you all the #coolpeopleplacesthings! 

And keeping you posted all weekend long about the GREATness that is the 3rd Annual NATURALS in THE CITY Hair and Wellness EXPO hosted by A Natural Affair Beauty Lounge.

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Photo Flood: The Lost Files

Hey there #StrangeNation people of #PlanetConverse… I have so many updates before I post my first video… I figured I’d do a photo flood. If you see yourself tag your self, if I haven’t tagged you…