Transitoning back to my beloved @PassionPlanner with a twist…It’s a #discbound planner. I’m a #HappyPashFan #PashFam!
I got rose gold all in my planners baby! Don’t buhleeve me just watch! Ok, I’m no Trinidad James, but you see what I did here!
Introducing for the 2-0-1-8 “Rosey Gains!” Because we raking in W’s this year.
Swipe left for the run down of tools I’m using currently:
2nd photo: Left from top to bottom (Moments of Genius Journal for Writing/Pitches/Me and My Big Ideas, Purple Comp Book for The Intersection, Craft Paper & Gold Dot Journal for all the awesome work I am doing with @theluxelibra)
Center top and bottom: “Flor”, my #ErinCondren Life Planner for Social Media Planning and Rosey Gains for for my overall planning (daily, work, hyrdation, moods, etc.) Right from top to bottom: Life is Pretty Good Journal for my Coaching Class and Bright Ideas for Coaching Clients.
This is how I am managing my #ExcessiveActivities!
(not pictured @mahoganycovergirls gold “I am Beautiful journal)
(Erin Condren Life Planner from November @mindfulnessbox)