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I’m taking on The Man.. And by The Man I mean the Book of Faces!

Particle physics, Wolverine, Facebook stickers, and social drinking? It must be a new episode of Black Nerd Power.

                                        image(this is a FB sticker)

So just in case you missed this week’s Black Nerd Power… I petitioned The Book of Faces to FREE THE STICKERS!!! (<<<click link to sign the petition

Because stickers (real and digital) are HELLA important to me! More important than what Bey-Z are doing with Blue Ivy’s hairs (and I luh that kid with her daddy’s face)… And somebody made a petition for that.

My beef with The Book of Faces is simple, you gave me stickers, therefore those stickers are mines! But you only allow me to use them in my messages I call #SHENANIGANS. If you empower me with the awesome ability to stickerfy my messages, DO NOT limit me to the privacy of inbox… Allow me to shine, blossom, flourish, and flaunt my ability to speak fluent stickenese by using my stickers in status updates and comments and any way and every way that I can think to express myself in vivid colorful imagery via social networking… (Judgy Face)

I mean sheesh we’re almost there, I can tell a person how I feel and use an apropos emoji/emoticon… Why not a sticker??? 

I can relay my emotions via meme… Why not a sticker???

I can use JabberWooky fonts and random key strokes to convey my discombobulation… Why not a sticker???

Won’t you join me in my petition to make The Book of Faces more awesome through the use of stickers/sticons?