They tell me the only way out is through…
May you break through the shell, the ground and into the light and #Flourish!
#HeyYallHey #Friday #HopeDealer


Hey y’all hey!
How did you enjoy the New Moon?
The Spring Equinox?
What seeds/intentions have you planted?
• • •
I planted seeds of healing, love, harmony, truth, beauty and hope.
And immediately started having trouble breathing, an adult acne breakout and shark week started!!!
• • •
This is internal spring cleaning.
My body is releasing what needs to go in order to function optimally. It’s showing me where there is imbalance and what I need to pay attention to.
• • •
It’s uncomfortable, inconvenient and TOTALLY necessary and I am here for it!
• • •
I’m hydrating, meditating and continuing to cultivate my seeds.
How you doin?
#SpringHasSprung #Flourish (at Saint Petersburg, Florida)

Thassa Response. Thanks for the reminder @lauried_hopkins.

Reaction is instant and usually a function of the unconscious mind.
Response is deliberate, comes more slowly, and is very much a function of the conscious mind.
In #OneDayMySoulJustOpenedUp, @iyanlavanzant put it this way #KYBS, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut (this a good rule of thumb)
Keeping your big mouth is temporal and is no way meant to silence you.
It is meant to give you room to breathe and get grounded in the present moment.
This is allows you to disconnect with the undealt with moments that came before that remind you of this one, so that you RESPOND and not REACT disproportinately.
#SpiritualStamina #SpiritualGangsta #Developing #ProgressNotPerfection
#RespondVsReact #Response #Reaction #Growth #Align #Flourish


New Moon


Winter Solstice

Mercury is moving outta haterade…

And almost #WhatDatFullMoonDo 🌑🎄🌟🌕💜🌌🔮
Baybeeeee! •
#YallGonnaSeeWhatIMeanin2018 ~Eso