DJs / Fashion Trucks / Dancing / Art

No I haven’t seen Marisol yet, which makes me feel kinda bad… Especially since it’s all that my son has been talking about since school began (3 weeks ago) and my daughter keeps asking when we can go since she read a book by the same name (which I ended up owing the library 15 bucks for). But I digress…

What’s the saying about there being no time like the present… Yeah that! Well the present is tomorrow and if you’ve ever shied away from museums because of their reputation for being too stuffy, uptight… Blah, Blah, Blah… Check out the title! DJ’s (IMAKEMADBEATS, DJ Moi, and DJ Capital A.)/ Fashion Trucks (like a Food Truck with Schwagggg)/ and Art! Does that sound stuffy and uptight to you! Heck Nah!!!

And if you think that I am overusing exclamation points at all here, be ye warned that the level of excitement with which I am writing shall only be topped by the level of excitement with which I shall approach the Washi tape! Because yazzz loves yazzz! Washi tape will be there too. And if you don’t know what Washi tape is, then come for that information alone. 

I kid of course…

Come because that guy ^^^ yeah, him^^^ up there in the picture is providing the “soundscape for Andy Warhol’s Kiss” and you could just take my word for the awesomeness that I swear he’s bringing or you know… you could show up!, 

And then there is this:

Sache will be here with their t-shirt machine!

There will be a design your own leather bracelet station!

Did I mention Washi + smartphone?

Amurica, Spillit, Memphis Urban Sketchers,

Adam The Poet typing poetry on the spot…

Oh Memphis, how I love thee… Let me count the ways.

The Learn 2 Be Dance Squad

Memphis Tango will hold Brooks Milongas (let’s find out what that is together?) + free lesson + dance demo…

This event will take place tomorrow night  from 5:30-9p at the Brooks Museum in Overton Park and benefits the museum’s public programs department, which screens more than 100 films annually and offers diverse programs throughout the year.

So gather your coins! Because $10 gets you in + there’s a cash bar!


You can get tickets here »>

DJs / Fashion Trucks / Dancing / Art