so i am writing this after a 3 day weekend that rocked my socks off and rolled me into another adventure… had i written this on saturday, sunday, or even monday perhaps it would’ve been a different story… but alas, i sit here tuesday morEning awaiting a late client and write this… i’m a little sad because i can’t find the introduction to this, my first.ever blog, and this is the second time it’s been lost to me. i’m a little sad because i’m afraid that those who finally run across this and take the time to read it may be lost… all i have is “it’s never too late to do it… unless your dead :(” and i’m afraid they won’t get it… so i’ve been re.tracing my cyber.steps trying to to find it and no such luck… which led to a little of this >:-l and this :-(… but because i had such an awesome fricking weekend with but two exceptions, i shall proceed and continue to rock this blog… which leads me to exception number two, which is apropos, because this situation STINKS!!! so apparently while i was whiling away my time in some deep, mystical, musical, perhaps even slightly chemical trance at the front of the stage on which ziggy marley not only performed his own music, but eerily invoked this spirit of his father in appearance and sound, osama bin laden was ‘sassinated. (in my riley voice, btw if you don’t know what that means please watch more boondocks! that is all.) i did not know this, did not find this out until hours later… how, you might ask, could i not know. how, you might ask, is it possible to have been so far removed from such current events… well it’s because i was wholly consumed with the most important state of affairs in my life at the time… which the time was the question “cee.lo goodie green the soul machines with his perfect imperfections going to performing or not?” it may seem trivial, as apparently the entire world was receiving the news of the world’s largest and longest game of having come to a tragic end, but i was transported to another world in those hours… a world of melody and happiness. friendship and love. muddy feet and raindancing. the words were swirling about my head and the messages were so clear… love was in the air and perhaps a little reefer smoke to… and while i waited 45 minutes for sound check and my anticipation and anxiety reached fever pitch, apparently somewhere on the other side of the world osama bin laden was being indiscriminately “dealt with” and unceremoniously disposed of ( this is the part that smells a lot like no.2)… while i counted down the minutes and watched the backstage with an eagle eye, looking for any sign in the affirmative or negative of the impending presence of cee.lo green, the world was being inundated w/ anonymous reports on the capture and subsequent dispatching of osama bin laden… and then after 45 minutes of sound check (which they still didn’t get right) he appeared… in my mind, for my troubles and my patience, i had calculated how long i would need him to perform and exactly what i would need him to perform to feel recompensed: 4 tracks from his GOOdie M.O.B days, @ least 2 from cee.lo green is the soul machine and cee.lo green and his perfect imperfections, 1 gnarls barkley (obviously) and 3 from lady killer. he appeared… with his sweet, sweet, all female band… no costumes, no choir, just pure music… i almost wept as his strode on stage in his beige dickies suit and kufi… i was so overcome with emotion i was transported back to the first time i ever saw him (at 616 with Kanin, Adrion, Michelle, and some other friends w/ FISHBONE, ahh the adventures:) but i digress) and after one song, he introduced himself and asked us ( those who go back further than F_(k You and Crazy) if we minded if he brought his brothers on stage, the guys with whom he began his now illustrious career and the crowd or at the very least Jataun and I went WIIIIIILLLLDDD!!!! not only was he performing GOOdie M.O.B songs, but with all of the original members and this is the mostly 😀 part!!! and so the show went on and the technical difficulties ensued, but together we directed our energy and our positivity toward the stage and we sang, and we shouted, and we danced… and then cee.lo green and the GOOdie M.O.B commenced theie fabulous show with the still relevant “Cell Therapy” and after being enraptured for what seemed like ever… i was slowly and gently returned to earth and Memphis and reality. deftly unwrapped from the warmth of the crowd, like being unsheathed from a down comforter into a winter morEning. as i attempted to hold fast to every sensory aspect of the weekend, the further down beale st. i drifted the more my resolve weakened, until finally i was back in the real world and smack in the middle of osama drama. 

while i found the news of osama bin laden’s assassination disturbing to say the least, being able to juxtapose it against an awesome weekend adventure that culminated in a random wacky monday that i can neigh recall because of abundantly imbibing indistinct inebriants i can say two things for sure: that weekend i found love in more ways than one and it has continued to be a reoccurring theme inclining me to think that this may once again be “the summer of love” and that cell therapy is the soundtrack for the government assassination of obl… (smdh…and some fools were celebrating). 

oh, how i wish ,sometimes, that i were capable of a more linear thought pattern, or at the very least continuity. this piece started in may and completed in june. adventures.Adventures.ADVENTURES… picks up where this left off. but because i am seemingly incapable of sequential consistency this will follow and the other will lead and there will be slight incongruence, forgive me that? 

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