Spent quite a bit of time tracking this down (thanks IG algorithm) because I only caught a glimpse of it earlier today…
In that split second, it registered heavily for me; the importance of doing my on-going self work.
So on this #SelfCareSaturday remember this also…

Credit: @drjotengii (Twitter)


Typically the inconvenience comes down to having to take responsibility for something, or at least in admitting that the excuse you’ve been using doesn’t hold up.
I have been through enough things that I could use as an excuse for why I haven’t done, been or become. The reality is that I HAVE BEEN THROUGH, meaning I made it to the other side.
And if I’m being really transparent, I created and participated in some of those situations because of the judgments and feelings I had about myself, my value, what I deserved or didn’t deserve.
I am grateful to have found my strength in times of sadness, shame, embarrassment and guilt.
Though I might have become who I have always been meant to be without some of the pain I experienced (especially that which I had no control over) I am aware that some of it is was necessary for me to GROW through.
Would I even be slangin’ this #Hope #Positivity #Love and #Light if I hadn’t been in the dark and despair?
Thank you @spark4leadership, for sparking thoughts that allow me to look at myself, face my inconvient truths, and continue to shift and grow.

I saw this and almost fell outta my chair!
Because I wanna be YOUR HOPE DEALER!
Thanks @spark4leadership for sharing this quote, it is a spark that is setting my soul on fire today!
Without hope, what do we live for? Without hope, what do we lead for?

How are you a dealer in hope?
How do you stay aligned with your core values so you show up hopeFULL?
When does having hope get difficult for you?

#HopeIsDope #HopeDealer
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