Adventures In… Blogging

I should be sleep…


I should be schleeeep… But I’m not. Why?

Because I have an incessant need to write. To learn. To tweak. To perfect. WELCOME, to the #bloglife! Not even the trying to get it monetized part. Just the being your own business part…

The part where you have so much content and not enough hours in the day  enough QUIET hours in the day. The innawebs and nets are with the foolishment and there isn’t enough wine to fill a single water glass.

I am sitting here at 1:38a, waiting to post my regular WINSday series profile #WomensEmpowermentWINSday on Friday because me, AT&T, U-Verse, and the World Wide Web was having issues… Well really not the WWW because those big companies rallying behind “net neutrality” (the hell is dat anyways…) and the whole “Internet Slowdown"  really didn’t slow a durn thang down, just putting out a spinning cat or sum’n and asked people to change their profile pics and remember the days of the real slow-moving internet— dial-up anybody? 56K modem much? Has anybody seen my NetZero installation disk…  The goal was to get people to submit their comments to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) by the Sep. 15 deadline in support of reclassifying the internet as an essential communication service…

Well! TUH!

1:53a and I’m writing and sitting on a to-do list that is making me itch to stop working and start covering things in Washi tape…The internet is HELLA essential to me, I’m #blogginginthesstreets. But I ain’t complaining because I have a shiny, new, hi-speed, modem and the speed actually matches the shiny… So my laptops (plural) are running, so is Netflix (on at least 2 TVs) and prolly like 4 phones on the wi-fi and and we working over here…

And I think that’s what I started out talking about. Yes, the innawebs and nets are essential to what I do, but even more essential is learning how to manage it all. It’s one thing to manage a household. Children. Even adults. Artists… But when you are in charge of yourself. You are the brand, the brand manager, the CEO, the CFO, the COO… sometimes it looks C-R-A-Z-Y… But you I do it because I can’t do anything else (I’m capable, I just don’t want to.) I’ve never been as passionate or driven, attentive or protective over anything, save my children.

But somehow blogging and I found each other and are creating a new life…

And sometimes that life looks like 2 a.m. feedings… And staying up 34 straight hours, but if the only other time I put it like this is any indication of what it can be then I will continue to #workwerkwerqWURK because I know the end results will be worth it.

So I’m going to continue to #WriteOn and #WriteTheWrongs and #WriteTheRights because #iWrite… Yep! I’m bout Dat #bloglife.

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Roll Call!!! It’s day two and NATURALS in THE CITY is about to go all the way in!!!

Get ready! Get ready! Get Ready!

Photos, Interviews, Live Tweets, Updates, Live Blogging… It’s all happening

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I’ll be there with my purple hair and converse sharing with you all the #coolpeopleplacesthings! 

And keeping you posted all weekend long about the GREATness that is the 3rd Annual NATURALS in THE CITY Hair and Wellness EXPO hosted by A Natural Affair Beauty Lounge.

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