This is a piece I work on regularly.
Being accountable for the energy I bring into a space and the awareness of the parts of the energy being reflected back to me.
I used to think all of the “bad things that happened/happen to me” were karma for some “bad” I did…
I excused a lot of my toxicity and the toxicity of others because we had and created bad karma.
A couple of things I know now and this reminds me of :
1. I choose to be responsible and accountable for the energy that I bring into a space.
2. I am always free to choose. I am not free from the consequences of my choices.
3. I have not always made the choice that aligned with my highest good or self and it has negatively impacted myself and others.
4. I am not “bad.”
I am also not “good.”
I am a spiritual being having a human experience, as I learn and grow I become more capable of making the decisions that are the most balanced and do the least harm to humanity.
5. Every one will not see me as a blessing.
6. It is not my responsibility to make people see me as a blessing.
7. Keep the second agreement. Don’t take what others perceive, think, or say about you personally. You can try it on and see if it fits, but you are under no obligation to keep it.
(the words are my own, the image reposted from @thelayrock)


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