Affectuinately known as Lexi the Great!
Our community community chat continues this week with our gift from The Universe: doula, advocate, sociologist and healer.

Through her commitment to her #SelfLove and #SelfCare she has met major life challenges with radically honesty and triumphed.

Speaking her mind has helped her to create and maintain healthy boundaries, personally and privately.
As well as, access the courage and discipline to move cross country and land the job of her dreams.
Check out last week’s episode of #ChatWithTheAunTeas and learn about her journey with honesty.
Then join us today at 4p CST/5p EST as we wrap up the conversation.
#SelfRespect #SelfCompassion
#Honesty #SipSpillAndShare #tea #PurpAndTurq #podcast #podcastersofcolor #blackwomenpodcasters


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