find out what it means to me.🎶
–Auntie ReRe came through with that gem that keeps on giving!
I mean, talk about a lesson in setting healthy boundaries!

AND, I really wanna know is …
What does respect to mean to ME, for ME?
• The past few weeks The AunTeas have been chatting about Honesty, Authenticity, Choices, Healing and now Self-Respect.
• Each week we peel back another layer, reveal and learn something new.
Last week Auntie Melonee
(@meloneedg) shared a word #PracticeIsTheGame!

Y’all remember that viral Allen Iverson video!!!
Yep, we taulmbout practice! How you practice is how you’ll perform.
Watch the replay on our YouTube channel , then grab your mug and come #SipShareAndSpill with us 4P CST/5p EST #chatWithTheAunTeas
#ArethaFranklin #AuntieReRe


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