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I feel actual sadness and mourning when I think of the years I lost believing that I was obligated to diet, due to the size of my body. 😢😭
I literally felt that dieting was the price I had to pay for being fat. I thought that I wasn’t ENOUGH. I wasn’t thin enough. I wasn’t healthy enough. I thought I wasn’t disciplined enough, in spite of DECADES of food restrictions and extreme exercise. I believed the LIES that society told me and those lies killed my spirit.
If you are living in the prison of this belief system, please know that you don’t OWE the world weight-loss. You are ENOUGH. You get to choose peace in your body at any size, shape, or stage of life.
Credit to @samtryonrd : It is often assumed that anyone in a higher weight body is on a diet or at least wants to lose weight. When clients begin to let go of the constant quest for weight loss and start nourishing their body without judgment, sometimes the people around them get very uncomfortable. Clients have told me stories of comments from friends/ family such as “So, you’re just going to be OK with being fat?”
Intentional weight loss below your body’s happy place does not work. The happy place is the weight our body lands at when we are mostly eating for hunger and fullness without restrictions. Our body’s happy place does not care at all about BMI range.
If dieting for weight loss below this place doesn’t work, then why do we put ourselves through that hell. When we begin to realize this and accept our body as it is, we reach our own happy place with freedom.
Those who might assume that you are trying to lose weight live in the diet-minded world we are trying to get away from. They may not understand what it would like to let go of dieting themselves. Well, I am here to tell you that it is 100% OK to “be OK with being fat.” In fact, as you may have already guessed, I think it is better than OK. 😉
#MeMyBodyAndLove #BodyPeace #selflove #FatWomenOfColor #fatacceptance #fatpositive #fatacceptancemovement
#ditchthediet #bodyacceptance #bodycompassion #iamenough #youareenough #NeverTooMuchAlwaysEnough


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