Everything here.
@iamivyfelicia Thank you.
I am happy you exist.
This never gets old.
While you’re fighting for the world, remember to take care of you, because you’re one of the most important parts of it. Β°
Remember that self care IS a form of activism and resistance too, particularly for women who are guilted for practicing self-care. In a society that does not care about our health, our bodies, or our emotional well-being it’s imperative that WE prioritize those things ourselves. Β°
Burn out IS a tactic. If we are all exhausted, ill, and weakened then who will fight? The oppressor knows this and we have to remember it.
TAKE CARE OF YOU. πŸ“Έ: @annmariebrok
#MeMyBodyAndLove #BodyPeace #selflove
#takecareofyourself #takecareofyou #loveonyourself #restandrelaxation #PositiveEnergy #sensitivesoul #empathsbelike #activism #activist #socialchange #socialjustice #socialjusticewarrior #trustblackwomen #agentofchange


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