🤣😂 FACTS 🤣😂
Wanna know how I got here?
How much time to you have?
And what’s gonna really bake your noodle is finding out it’s just another beginning.

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Hey y’all hey!
Hey y’all hey! Happy #WINSday!
I have a sweet LOVE hangover.
Thank you for all of the well wishes, love, light and positive energy for the completion of one revolution and beginning of the next.

(not pictured) Honey Lavender Milk Tea (made with Lavender Buds, Raw Honey, and @yogitea Honey Lavender Stress Relief)
The most important health benefits of lavender include its ability to relieve stress, improve mood, promote restful sleep, lower skin irritation, prevent infections, reduce inflammation, and soothe digestive issues.

Working with my mainstays (I call her Chunky! 💜 my #Lavender #RoseQuartz chunk, The #MagnificentSeven; #amethyst #clearquartz (point & sphere) #carnelian #onyx (subbed for tourmaline) #rosequartz #citrine #aventurine, my 3 buddhas, Lil Ma’at and Lil Isis)

Working with one of my birthstones #Bloodstone- This One is The Healer…
Bloodstone can bring love into any situation, it helps to ground and remove negative energies, cleanse the body, and enhance the clarity and understanding of the mind.
Also known as #Heliptrope it’s been know as a powerful Healer for thousands of years and used for body detoxification and purification.

Do you feel the newness in the air? The longer, brighter, warmer days? You are comig out of winter! This is a time of #Renewal. Card 20 from the #MajorArcana/#MajorKey🔑 reminds us that now is the time to spring forward.
After the release comes the renewal. Somthing better is on the way. More than restoration.
Check out the LIVE ☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽 from today 3/14 in my #instastories📓for details on todays #cardpull #singlecardreading

Hey Y’all Hey!
It’s New Year’s Eve rounchea.
Yep, my personal #NewYear is tomorrow!
And I turned my Birthday Blahs into Birthday Yays!
Today’s reading was messages, messages, messages…

#TarotEveryday •
Sipping #DirtyChai made with @cafebustelo and @stashtea Spiced Chai.

Working with my mainstays (I call her Chunky! 💜 my #Lavender #RoseQuartz chunk, my 3 buddhas, Lil Ma’at and Lil Isis)

Aye! Today’s cards were all inverted! PAY ATTENTION they say.
Nine Of Water
Dreams come true… When you believe in yourself!

🤔 (#MajorArcana/#MajorKey🗝
12 Awakening
13 Release
Let that shit go B!
The old you cannot go into this new places. Shake off the old thoughts, people, places, things that don’t fit.

Check out the whole rundown from the LIVE ☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽 this morEning in my #instastories📓

On this journey you will encounter other well traveled souls (irl and and in innaweb world) who will speak to you the words of confirmation and revelation at the precise moment you need them.
Be in gratitude for those other soul’s reflections.
Thank you for this reflection @ammacaluso!
“Forgiveness tears down the ego’s walls of separation and reunites us as one. The anger and fear of the ego’s illusion disappear. There’s no more “he said, she said" (OR even what you tell yourself). It all just lifts. It feels as though chains have been removed and you’ve been set free from a lifetime of terror.
Why continue rehearsing the role of victim (or anything that you no longer are?) when you could be free and happy?” 💗
#workinprogress #breakingdownthewalls #freedom #judgmentdetox #lifelessons #learnandgrow #love #HopeDealer #SelfCareEvangelist


It’s #MotivationMonday and we in this thang
Nephew C to the H to the U-C-K always comes through with a word!
“Winners Aren’t Ppl Who Haven’t Failed, They Are Ppl Who Never Quit! .”
Don’t quit your Daydream!!!
Keep Going!!!
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Salute! Salute! Salute! Salute!
• • •
#PositivityKillsTheEnemy #AbeTheKing #Blessed #Happiness #PutGodFirst #CatchUpCampaign #DailyInspiration
#CrownMeKing 💪🏽😎
Music: @TheBossJayBlack (Black Prince) – Thankful

Looking back on this week in gratitude.
Letting is wash over me.🌊 Saturated in Love and Light!

On Friday as Mercury Squared Saturn and we got into the Waning Crescent Moon Phase @chaninicholas shared “Obstacles are confronted. Saturn has the upper hand here. Under these conditions it’s best to have reverence for the rules so you know how to break them with precision.
If you’ve said yes to too many things, you’ll feel the pressure building now. If things feel aggravating, frustrating, or challenging to get around remember that all you can do is what’s in front of you. Do it to the best of your ability. Let the rest, rest…”

Thank you @blackbohemianmermaid for sharing this beauty.full image of @saintsrecords, a reminder of the power of water to cleanse and replenish. 💜🌊💜

Hey Y’all Hey, ready for the week?
The Cards for this week were pulled and they are telling the truth!
#TarotEveryday •
Not pictured #Lavender Dream a special from @nagateatampa! Which mixes my two favorite ingredients Lavender and Lemon to make a bright and relaxing kind of #LavenderLemonade. 💜🍋

Working with my mainstays (I call her Chunky! 💜 my #Lavender #RoseQuartz chunk, my clear quartz sphere, my 3 buddhas, Lil Ma’at and Lil Isis)

Nine Of Fire- It takes courage! Believe in yourself.
Three of Fire- When you do the work, you will get the reward. It’s already there. You don’t do the work for that, it’s a natural byproduct.
Knight of Air- it may seem quick, but the events that are taking placeare part of your growth cycle.
For the whole rundown, check out the LIVE ☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽 from today in my #instastories📓

Hey Y’all Hey!
Happy #SelfCare Saturday!
I’m so fortunate to have #GreatGirlfriends like @theluxelibra who is always gently showing me how to embrace technology to be more efficient and effective.
I was resistant to using @linktr.ee because 1. Analog Girl in a Digitial World and 2. I read something in a branding group about linking to page on your site… but the way my site and life is set up. 😉
Soooo yesterday, not only did Giovanni, The Luxe Libra encourage me to give it a try, she stayed on the line with me while I set up my link tree (which was super easy).
Now you can simply click on the #linkinbio👆👆👆 and easily get to my #excessiveactivities!