Hey Y’all Hey! Happy #friyay🙌
We made it!!!


Today I’m sipping #GreenTea
Yep simple , no frills Green Tea.
It’s great for the heart, blood pressure, reducing cholesterol and inflammationin the body, improves memory and helps with mental clarity. It’s energizing, but without the shakiness that coffee gives me.

Working with my mainstays (I call her Chunky! 💜 my #Lavender #RoseQuartz chunk, The #MagnificentSeven; #amethyst #clearquartz (point & sphere) #carnelian #onyx (subbed for tourmaline) #rosequartz #citrine #aventurine, my 3 buddhas, Lil Ma’at and Lil Isis)

Still working with one of my birthstones #Bloodstone for this #WaningCrescent #Moon- This One is The Healer… Bloodstone can bring love into any situation, it helps to ground and remove negative energies, cleanse the body, and enhance the clarity and understanding of the mind. Also known as #Heliptrope it’s been know as a powerful Healer for thousands of years and used for body detoxification and purification
Also working with #Selenite, the #AngelicCrystal as we transition into the #NewMoon- A stone of protection from the Angelic realm, it also dispels negative energy. This stine helps to connect us to our Spirit Guides, Angels, Christ Consciousness and Higher Self. Calmin and soothingm it also facilittes mental clarity, which is much needed as we set our intentions for #NewMoonInPisces.

Today the #NineofFire #Wands (action) came right back to us, reminding us to keep going. It takes courage and unrelentig belief in yourself. DO NOT GIVE UP! Protect your work. #ProtectYourMagic

Check out the LIVE ☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽 from today 3/16 in my #instastories📓for details on todays #cardpull #singlecardreading


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