#BlackTea #Satsuma
Contains antioxidants
Helps to repair coronary dysfunctions, decreases risks of contracting heart diseases
Good for digestive issues
Relives Asthma
Reduce Cholesterol
Can reduce cavities by preventing plaque build-up and inhibiting the growth of bacteria
Clear Quartz- The Master Healer
The Lovers ( Love Wishing Stone, Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, and Malachite)
All of the crystals are associated with the Heart/4th Chakra (anahata)
Rose Quartz – The Unconditional Love: Opens the heart to all types of Love. Calming and soothing. Relives stress and tension of the heart. Clear anger, jealousy, and resentmet.
Rhodonite- The Heart & Soul : Allows one to see areas in their life that can be improved on without getting down on, criticizing or judging oneself. Discover inner gifts. Remember the soul’s purpose.. Helps balance emotions and calm impatience. Live from the heart.
Malachite-The Transformer- Balance, manifestation, abundance, intention. Activate Chakras. Deep energy cleaning, healing; helps the wearer/user to ackowledge, draw out and discharge negative energy.


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