Ayyye got my desk cleared! (somewhat)
Red Dragon Dirty Latte (@cafebustelo & @stashtea Dragon Red Chai) and frothed vanilla almond milk ( you can’t see it, but it’s there.)
#Experiencing #OshoZenTarot •
Chai Tea preserves health and increasse peace of mind, digestion, enhances the immune system, fights inflammation, and contains antioxidants.

Black Onyx= The Strengthener
Absorbs and transforms negative energy and helps to prevent loss/drain of personal energy.
Develops emototional and physical strength and stamina, especially during times of stress, grief, and confusion.
Encourages happiness and good fortune.
Black Onyx can be useful in healing old wounds or past life issues. •
Experiencing – 3/Suit of Fire (inverted)
This is an action card, pointing toward an area where attention is needed.
This card is asking Me/You to be attentive and and feel the connectedness to what surrounds us. Loved ones, spaces, places, nature…
This card reminds us to literally stop and smell the roses and even more to be in communion with them. What things are beckoning you to spend time with them? What is whispering to you to come close?
Take heed.



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