Late nights/Early Mornings…
Had Herbal Tea with Brunch from a little cafe around the corner with Sis. Ronda from @botanicayemayaolokun
while we talked about doing what it is that we do.
So blessed for her presence in my life.
Working these witching hours and easing into this New Moon in Capricorn Energy.
Being careful to set my intentions and commit to what I am in relationship with.
If we gonna do it and the Universe is gonna show up and conspire with us to make it happen, the only real question that remains…
That Cap reminds us that we gotta keep our commitments, those obstacles (and trust there will be obstacles) are just a way to keep us on course…
They are just here to ask “Do you want it bad enough to keep going?”

Bookending this day with Yerba Mate from @badia_tea to stay alert while I continue to work.
Pulled out my wishing stones to focus my thoughtforms for intention setting.
My happiness stone is misplaced… but not lost.
I was reminded that happiness is conditional and I can remain centered in joy if I choose.
Speaking of choices, some people refer to these as worry stones… I prefer wishes to worries and that is a choice as well.
Increases Energy
Boosts Mental Functions
Loaded with Vitamins, Minerals & Antioxidants
Digestive Aid
Boost Immunity
Increase Bone Density
Boosts Heart Health
#PositiviTEA (at Caribbean Cafe)


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