I am working on my practice and honoring time. I intended to share this full reading on Thursday… But here we are #IntergalacticIndigenousPeopleTime
This is my first full spread with my new deck and it was #HeavyHanded. This was pulled under the auspices of the biggest Super Moon of the year in Cancer.
This is a New Year, Full Moon reading meant to aid with getting clarity on where your energy will best be directed as this year gets under way.
The Cards Explained:
Position A: Root Issue- What is the state of my current foundation?
VIII Strength
Stand in your power and align with the wisdom of your intuition. The battle is internal, and you can only win it from the inside out, this is interpersonal work that requires your recognition and action.
Recognize yourself, your gifts, and celebrate your successes. Be the ruler, you are… Stand tall, adjust your crown, and take a seat on your throne.

Position B: Physical- What can I do to increase my strength and promote my healing?
XV Temptation
Kill what needs to die! Isn’t that what that Full Moon in Cancer told us? It’s reiterated here in the Major Arcana (Ether) as a message that we can apply to our whole lives. Increase your physical strength and healing by realizing the ways in which ideas, patterns, and behaviors are limiting/hindering you. If you want to grow strong and/or heal you must push beyond the limits that Temptation places on you. Temptation asks if you are strong enough to go with the flow and continue to align yourself with your highest good when something shiny, new, and distracting comes along. Stay the course.

Position C- Mental- What thought-forms do I need to be aware of to improve my understanding and communication?
V The Moor
Thoughtforms are about being intentional. If you want to improve your understanding and communication, then The Moor cautions us “Don’t to let the structures we abide by be our downfall.” Expand your mind and be deliberate in harnessing love, compassion, balance and mindfulness, to achieve the goal of being clean and clear in communication to get understanding. Be aware that your right and someone else’s right are a matter of perspective and that there are universal laws that govern us and supersede the controls we have put in place with our self-government.

Position D- Emotional- What emotions do I need to release to improve my self-confidence and self-empowerment?
Young Coin
If you want to improve you are going to have to let go of some of those heavy emotions that are weighing you down. Release the emotions of fear, shame, guilt, anger, and sadness. Do your interpersonal work to get to the root what is holding your back. Our beliefs about ourselves drive how we operate. Young Coin shows us that way, when you release what is no longer serving you positively (it’s a reoccurring theme y’all) then you free space up to be focused and present with what you are engaged in. Like The Moor, in order to get the best out of what Lil Coin has to offer you must also being willing to expand and explore, not being too bogged down in “it has to be THIS way.”

Position E- What spiritual truths are being called to my awareness at this time?
Nine of Staffs
Wake up to the spiritual truth of change. Change is the only constant. Do not resist, seek to stay in the flow. Transform the limiting ideas that create resistance into the power to propel yourself forward. The Nine of Staffs in this reading is all about drawing on those higher energies that we pull in as The Moor, operating in conjunction with The Universe. The Universe is Our Homegirl, she is always conspiring for our highest good and sending us the challenges we ask for when we resist, until we agree. When we agree then she sends messages as revelations and confirmation, remain flexible and open.

Position F- Mastery- What is the overall lesson I must master at this time?
VII The Rider
What is the lesson to master? Wholeness! Completion! Ain’t that good news! This year is about charting your own course and seeing it through to the end. The Rider sitting atop the fierce and forceful Tiger is protected, nothing can deter The Rider from reaching their destination, except for The Rider! It is imperative that you live your truth. Trust your intuition. Let go of what no longer serves you. Seek out knowledge of the paths so that you can make an informed decision of which is best for you. Remain open and flexible so when change comes (and it will) you remain in alignment with what is for you.

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