Believe you can and you will…
It’s simple, but not always easy.
Seriously… I know about barriers, 7 years ago I was homeless, living in a shelter with my children. 4 years ago I left an abusive relationship.
2 years ago I left Memphis for California and wound up in Florida.
Last year I lost my last living mothers…
Why am I positive? …cause ain’t nobody that damn happy all of the time…
I choose to be.
I choose Joy!
My life is far from perfect and everyday I am working on myself and my plan. I believe I can and will have the life that I want and I line my actions up with my thoughts to create my reality.
#ThePowerOfPositiveThinking #ThoughtLife #ThoughtsAreThings #LawOfAttraction #ProgressNotPerfection #TriumphantTuesday
#MorEning #Coffee #CoffeeInTheMorEning #Cafecito #CafeConLeche #CafeNegro #ConAzucar #CafeAuLait


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