As we push closer to that full moon… Reminders are everywhere.
Repost from @trapwitch
“Be all you can be” yet some people may turn an eye and say, “Uh uh but don’t be too much of that”. We spend a lot of time in life basing the way we deal with ourselves based on the way others deal with us. We are about adhering to the agenda that we will compromise our own program. I believe that your progress is based on your own process and your own ritual can lead you to the residual that you need in life. We care so much about how we progress in order to fit in to a larger equation that we forget a key factor in multiplication. Anything multiplied by 0 equals 0. Let me analyze this for you. If what it takes in your life to “fit in” requires you to sacrifice by integrating things that mean ZERO to your life, you will still be left unfulfilled and dissatisfied because you will never multiply and be fruitful in your growth. You do not require parts of anything else in order to be you. Do not worry about your being amongst others in order to start your journey. Just be. Be you. Figure out who you are whole before you go trying to find your place outside. Find your space inside. Go internally and then project externally. A centerpiece is usually the core and basis in which its surroundings can then be built upon. A puzzle piece is determined by where it fits in and there doesn’t matter where it starts. Bob Marley once quoted in a song,“ the stone that the builder refuse will always be the head cornerstone…you’re a builder baby, here I am a stone. Don’t you think and refuse me cause the things people refuse, are the things they should use…” You are the center and cornerstone of your foundation. Who gives a fuck who refuses you and where you don’t fit in. Fuck a puzzle piece. Be a centerpiece. Have a beautiful week✨
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