Happiness/Control and Parenting…
How apropos?
After all our children are the source of our happiness, right?
Ok, so what if you have no children… No happiness?
Or what if your children are “challenging”… The Universal growing through your challenges and growth kind of challenges… Still happy?

What if you choose happiness? Or better yet, JOY! Unrelated to anything tangible… What if you don’t have to wait for it to happen upon you or surprise you… You CHOOSE to BE HAPPY…

And what if your child(ren) CHOSE you because as much as you had to teach them, you also had much to learn.

#MeditationsForWomenWhoDoTooMuch and Men Too. #DailyMeditations #Meditation #MomentOfZen
#TurningIn #TuningIn #InwardJourney # mindfulness #InnerPeace

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