“Those who dare to fail achieve GREATness.”

@danajamesmwangi recently affirmed our collective need to be unafraid to fail as part of the journey… Today my tea ritual reaffirmed it.


“Earth laughs in flowers…”
–Ralph Waldo Emerson

I went to collect my plants and rain water and ran into the mailman… And there was this beauty.full gift from the beauty.full light that is @krystal_bijoux
A reminder… The Wiz.
“What would I do if I could feel?
I’d be more than glad to share all that I have inside of here…”

Tonight is the the last night I waxing crescent moon… Release what doesn’t positively serve your progress and growth. Draw to you what you need and want.


#ColorTherapy #ColorPsychology

Compassion x Unconditional Love x Understanding x Nurturing


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