So here’s my foots. These angry bastards are in constant pains, and my current ortho doc says there’s nothing much he can do for me. I wear a surgical boot on my left foot daily, but the pain persists. I’m allergic to aspirin, ibuprofen & naproxen (Aleve), meaning my pain relief options are Tylenol or a prescribed narcotic.

I pay a copay per ortho visit, just to be told that I need to keep my boot on. Hell, methinks my ortho doc has paid off some bills because of me. I ended up in the ER on morphine after closing at my retail gig because I ended up standing for six hours. My ortho doc AND my primary care doc have told me to quit. My biweekly paycheck there is gone after copays. Not really worth it, but I’m broke.

I’m on my second Social Security Disability appeal now. They keep saying I can find solid work because of my education. I’ve applied for over 300 jobs this summer alone. Trust me, I’m trying.

Fortunately, I’m an Uber driver now..but here lies my problem: when my gas runs out, no more driving. 😞 Also, I have a car note that must be paid ASAP or I lose my only stream of income.

I’m trying to raise loot via PayPal to pay bills until I get a solid job. I want to quit my retail gig so I won’t further destroy my feet. They only give me 2 days weekly, which my medical bill collectors say is enough to pay them (trust me, it ain’t).

Please consider giving what you can so I can get this stress out of my mind, spirit and feet. My link is

I have to pay so much, fam. I’m so stressed out that I can’t sleep even on meds for my depression & anxiety.

I need help, badly.



This is the homie Tam. I personally vouch for her solidness as a person. I will do what I can to help Tam because her posts have gotten me through many a day and when I needed help, she was ready and willing. So, if you can do anything to help, I urge you with love to do it. 💜💜💜


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