The Grape Debate: You never thought that Hip Hop would take it this far…

11168854_10152978432115563_7110736203300765628_n(photo cred: Scott Free @sfreemusic via IG)

But we did!

Just in case you missed what’s been happ’n in these #Grapalicious Streets! Mela Machinko​ asked a question and the innwebs and nets went wild! Seriously, BET and even Forbes, in addition to, FB; Twitter; IG; and YouTube all got a taste of the #GrapeDebate. Errbody has weighed in with their compelling evidence and opinions. Lil Cease even weighed in from outside in the truck, rollin’ up the next blunt… (eem though I don’t believe him or his people) that it was soda. If you missed the Hangout, maybe if you’re lucky you can cop a deprivatized link so you can hear and see the discussion and form an opinion. Or you know you can take my word, Victorious K’s word and evidence, or Thembisa Mshaka’s eyewitness account and be down with #TeamJuice #JuiceCrew. The debate wasn’t resolved during the Hangout so you can still weigh in.

Was B.I.G taulmbout A. Jelly (The Implied Toast Theory) B. Soda C. Juice?


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