PURPLE LETTER DAY!!! I’M Baaaaaaaaaaack!

After a pretty rough 2nd half… The pendulum is swinging back and it looks a lot like there is a GAWD! Because K.Michelle and Idris that’s why… #BlackNerdPower and I Am somebody’s #WCW…

As my homie the #DJM Brand Guru wrote on her blog (which you can read here)…

I mean 5 deaths in 5 months…I’m not even tryna depress nobody, so I’mma go right into all the things that makes it worth it all!!!

Welcome to the 4th Quarter!

1. K. Michelle and Idris Elba

Somewhere in a not so distant past, in this here universe, one Kimberly Michelle Pate and Idrissa Akuna Elba hooked up… repeatedly!!! For 8… count them 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 months!!! Well that explains Rebellious Soul: The Musical (he directed)… Kinda. Not really. It’s a reach.Which came first the hookup or the musical? Close encounters of the sexy kind! Well that lil ole girl from Memphis, has given hundreds upon hundreds (I’m sure I’m exaggerating up or down here) hope! I mean like K.Michelle, I’m not trying to break up a happy home, but I’m saying if he’s still looking for a couch to post up on… I got a futon with a spot for him. I make a mean bangers and mash… And he can bring the baby too. I love the kids!

Just in case you missed the tea… get it iced here, here, here and pretty much all over the internets and innerwebs


Undercurrent posted the Ignite Memphis Talks today and there I was… Right there… Live, In living color… Owning the stage. Celebrating my Nerdiness! Letting my Freak Flag Fly Proudly!!! I’m not going to say a single negative thing… I watched myself on that stage for the first time tonight with my Sweet friend Ry-Pie…my Synonym Apple Poundcake  (the Crown Princess of Excessive Activities) and tears came to my eyes… Who’d of thunk that the girl with Social Anxiety Disorder… the one afraid to talk to strangers… Could hold court on a stage before a crowd of 400??? Well that happened and there’s a record of it. Thanks to Undercurrent, The OAM Audio Network, and the Co-Hosts who asked me to fill their hole on Black Nerd Power, Richard Douglas Jones andMarkus Seaberry!



Malaika Salaam — Black Nerd Power from Ignite Memphis on Vimeo.

And finally!!!

3. #WCW

Besides #ThatGuy I don’t think anybody has ever called me their #WCW (at least not on social networks) Imagine my surprise when a fellow blogger who I OMG love!!! and you can read here posted this to twitter : 

My favorite Boss Lady Blogger. Meet Malaika Salaam or Purple Hair and Converse, my :  
(<<<It’s an article, read it… It’s pretty dope…) 


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