Women’s Empowerment WINSday Profile: Natalie Lewis, Sinsational Berries


“Cause they’re so Sin.fully delicious…”

Inspired by the Women’s Empowerment Brunch (July 2014) that was the culmination of the 3rd Annual Naturals City Weekend , I found my self in possession of a 6 page blog piece…

And well ain’t nobody got time for that!

So instead I decided to do a vlog/blog series titled #WomensEmpowerment WINSday, where I sit down with women that I find inspiring and share a bit of their magic with you.                                           (go to www.youtube.com/purplehairandconvers for full episodes)


In the the first installment of Women’s Empowerment WINSday I am joined by the beauty.full and talented Natalie Lewis of Sinsational Berries. Sinsational Berries provided the #sinfulsweettreatstation for brunch, as well as, a seat at the #coolkidstable.


(Some of the Sweet Treats from the Sweet Treat Station @ #NITC3 photo by Sinsational Berries)

After more than a couple of weeks of hectic schedules, Natalie and I are finally about to sit and chat a spell…When you are running your own business it’s not always easy… And Natalie does all the work herself (She has done 800 berries by herself before!!!)

We meet up at a quaint coffee shop in the University District (Avenue Coffee). The weather was good, the atmosphere cozy, and staff welcoming as we set up in a little corner and talk like old friends (which we totally could be because we know like a bunch of the same people).


(the #coolkidstable photos by Natalie 1st row: Kim Brown, KImagineThat, me, Naudia James, 2nd row: Andrea Johnson, Bubble Bistro, Treena Woody, #FitNation, face of NITC3, Brandy McCarley, #FitandFlyDiva #FitFlyFitness, bottom left: Dana James Mwangi, Cheers Creative/Branding Guru)

 I have been in awe of Natalie and her Sinational Berries since #NITC3. I’m not a big sweets person and strawberries are not in my top 5 gotta have fruits, but when I saw her creations… I was compelled! Compelled, I tell ya! I began following her and sharing her work on FB and reposting on IG. I’m so glad she didn’t think I was a weird snacky stalker or sum’n 🙂 .


           (Sweet Treat Station @ NITC3 photos by Sinsational Berries)

As I was saying awed!!! Her handmade sweet treats were meticulously crafted and so beauty.full I almost didn’t want to eat them… almost… But I did! And I felt an explosion of flavor rush my senses. Sweet, but not overly so. Juicy (I might’ve had a couple of infused berries, maybe <— oh infused means they’re spirited). And I could taste the berries,like they weren’t fruit masquerading in layers of candy…

As I followed Sinsational Berries, I was so continually impressed with both the quality and volume of business she was doing I had to interview her and find out more about the woman behind the business. Like does she have Oompa-Loompas in her employ? Maybe a couple of Keebler Elves? I mean for real though, 800 hand-dipped berries!!!


                   (Those 800 berries, photo by Sinsational Berries)

Natalie, is as sweet as her berries. Meeting up with her was such a joy– she was warm, honest, open, smiling that 1000 watt smile, and dressed in purple (a woman after my own heart). She’s the type of person that you are instantly happy to see and be in the presence of.

But she didn’t start out making berries or even knowing that she would be in the berry-making business, although growing up she always knew she wanted to own her own business. Natalie’s dad owned a tire shop, so she was exposed to Entrepreneurship at an early age). Natalie attended and graduated from University of Memphis with a degree in Corporate Management (great if you manage Oompla Loompas, Elves, or you know humans)… And went on to work in Corporate America, but when her daughter was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes she quickly reevaluated her priorites and baby girl came first.

Natalie, the mom, worked hard to balance work and home life, but sometimes work doesn’t always understand the demands of home and eventually Natalie decided to leave stop working for someebody else and take her talents home.


 (Her girls!!! Aren’t they cutifull! Styled and photographed by Natalie)                                       #SinationalTuTus #BlingyConverse

Why berries? Natalie started off as a consumer, but after supporting a business that didn’t appreciate or seemed entitled but unappreciative, she thought to herself “Why keep giving my money to someone who doesn’t seem to care?” And then as I picture a light bulb going off over her head, she said to herelf “I think I can do this.” She used the business acumen she acquired in college, added in branding/marketing, and taught herself the intricate process of hand-made and decorated confections.

I would say the rest is history, but truly it is history in the making. The doors to Sinsational Berries opened in 2009 and went full-time in 2012 (and by Sinsational Berries I mean Natalie, yes she is an army of one). In just a few short years, she has established herself as a professional and well-liked business woman, amassing an impressive list of clients. Her customized berries, make her a much sought after Sweet Treat Designer for everything from baby & bridal showers to corporate-sponsored events. In addition, to providing the sweets for the 3rd Annual Naturals In The City Women’s Empowerment Brunch, Natalie lists Xfinity (formerly Comcast Cable), CarMax, and Status Nail Bar among the businesses that she’s provided with her Sinsational Berries.

image                (#workwerkwerqWURK photos by Sinsational Berries)

Mom, Wife, successful Entrepreneur are just a few of the titles that Natalie holds and that’s a lot, but she also goes above and beyond to give of herself through community service and charitable contributions. Some of her work includes Juvenile Diabetes Fund, Hands of Love, and Austism Awareness.

Natalie Lewis, is truly the Sensation behind Sinsational Berries!

You can connect with Natalie/Sinsational Berries and place your order

on the web: www.sinsationalberries.com

by phone:(901) 216-5495

email: sinsationalberries@gmail.com

or on social networks

facebook: www.facebook.com/SinsationalBerries

twitter: twitter.com/SinBerries

instagram: instagram.com/sinsationalberries

pinterest: www.pinterest.com/sinberries/sinsational-berries/

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