From my friend Dawn Kimble, I and some very passionate artists,writers, and activists in the Memphis community have been having discussions about the state of our community. We voiced and shared fear, apprehension, and even hope for the future of our perspective communities. I am filled with so much joy because we all agree that POSITIVE ACTION is one of the keys to CHANGE. We have brothers and sisters helping our community through their ART, FEEDING THE HUNGRY, COMMUNITY OUTREACH, HEALING, and LOVE! Please support them. Local Memphis Artist, Mr Frankd Robinson and I decided to offer you all the opportunity to speak out about a very terrible incident in our community, support a local artist in his outreach efforts, and own a piece of art! Please message me if you are interested! Earlybird price: 20.00 + shipping. Designs on shirts are 12×10 in. Ladies and men available.


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