i hate losing stuff… especially my words… in 48 hours i’ve misplaced an atm card. paper money. and then i came to update my blog and there was an entire entry missing… but don’t cry for me argentina 🙂 from the crates… here is my lastest late offering an homage to GLEE and my love of mash.ups… 
most [mōst] adj. superlative. 1. great(er) amount 2. the apex, ultimate amount 
my adventurous life leads me down many ramblin’ paths, so much so, that sometimes i can’t begin to write it all down. i often find myself in the position of having to do a highlight reel of the adventures that i can recall since my last entry… i fight against myself to remember to chronicle, transcribe, and submit them in an orderly + timely fashion. suffice.ed to say, i am habitually running behind. the challenge that i often face is that adventures find me in the now and while living out these adventures i often become so engrossed in being present i forget the Kodak moment and or to write things down. fortunately that means i am LIVING and LOVING this beauty.full life with great people. unfortunately that also means that i am not sharing it as planned. and there in lies the rub… in my defense if we hearken back to the humble beginnings of this project, you may recall something being offered about my trifilingness… yeah, um, well… that is it my defense. sidenote: as a lawyer (when I grow up) i promise my defense will be stronger and clearly logic based… but as of now, let’s agree that we have faith in my desire to share these adventures and making a concerted effort to do better. 
now if that wasn’t enough of a turn through the stream of consciousness that is my mind, then let’s go further… 
some not of my not so recent adventures have included being robbed née burglarized according to the MPD, as the crime neither involved violence or my person- for which i am very great.full. 
i have also had the opportunity to travel and adventure with friends. we were able to successfully plan an adventure to an awesome waterpark to close out the summer. that adventure included a road trip, excellent music (i ❤ satellite radio + old school hip= match made in heaven), lots of water (tons literally) + excellent company. adventures down Vortexes, Cyclones, Rapids, + Lazy Rivers. the bumpy rides that they were— i hit my head on almost every single one — OUCH! i wouldn’t have traded it or the adventures in public showers and naked ladies for anything. an adventure that ended with a luxury SUV full of happy, satiated, and perfectly tanned brown smiling faces. 
there have been adventures in musical chairs with legends of hip.hop. Roxanne Shante! is Roxanne.Roxanne and Roxanne rules! 
adventures in unsolicited hosting and seating at the International House of Pancakes (because nobody takes the time to say the whole thing anymore) 
adventures in dee,jaying… (i went to REHAB!!! the disco chump… i’m no quitter) 
adventures in walking and gracefully falling in 6in. staxx 
adventures in partying. flirting. inappropriately flirting and highly inappropriate flirting. 
more breakups than breakdowns… which is a lot for a perpetually single lady…make.ups. and more breakups. 
1 french fry. 
Georgia Peaches {the drink, not the ladies or the fruit… well yeah. maybe. kinda 😉 } 
$.99 Margarita Monadays… 
learning what i look like from other peoples perspectives, especially my loved ones… (what looks like crazy on an ordinary day) 
and while i wouldn’t call death an adventure (because i only know it from this side)… it has had a more than pedestrian presence in my life recently and i am learning more about me through it… 
knocked up 50 year olds. arrested and incarcerated mothers. yoga. great friends. great music. The Breakfast Club… 
hiatuses or hiati (hi.8.eye)… my 9 personal jesuses or jesi (jee.sigh)… 
gains. losses. 
flying in love. 
the adventures show no signs or stopping or even slowing down… and i wouldn’t have it any other way… for you and i. so go out and enjoy your adventures… you won’t have to go far, they’re waiting for you. and hope.fully our adventurous paths will cross… 
all the beauty ❤ 
malaika salaam 
abecedarian blogger 

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