LOL.LMAO.ROTFL. NO REALLY I GUFFAWED (From Adventures in Malaika)

you and i know that most times when people ~ type. text. comment on statuses. etc. LOL (laugh out loud). LMAO (laughing my ass off). ROTFL (rolling on the floor laughing). that they are in fact being generous (at best)… that being said i have found myself literally laughing out loud lately… it wasn’t a purposeful effort, just an organic development. there is no existential reasoning behind it. (thus no clever pic to go with this entry… 
sometimes stuff is really funny and i find myself emitting sounds (often loudly&publicly) from my oscular orifice and usually garnering strange stares from strangers… because people don’t laugh no more all they do is this #LOL #LMAO #ROTFL 
so here is the list of things that have recently made me… well. laugh out loud… literally 

Dick Solomon on FB (thread): 
DS: Hey i tell you guys about ArtistikApproach? no? Hi my name is Dick and they’re dope! Your momma likes them! 
Facebook User: Yo name aint dick. and its not richard which is not the proper name for dick either. 
DS:its Richard and my name is Jonah aka Gist aka Dick Solomon aka Lil Pita the Feta Getter yeah im one of them kinda rappers! 

My brother E.O.N and RDJ at a breakfast meeting: 
E.O.N: So I recently came to the conclusion that Inspector Gadget is a Jew. 
RDJ: Yep! I can see that. 
Me: Duh! 
Them: Go.Go Gadget Dreidel! 

Brandon Tolson on FB: 
“So, I had a crazy dream that I was sitting down having a conversation w/ NICKI MINAJ and by the end of the convo she thought I was strange… " 
Bwahahahahaha… i couldn’t stop laughing at the fact that he let Nick Minaj judge him in his own dream… 

Another FB fave from Tricia Harris mirroring most of our thoughts on the ongoing summer heat… 
"Why is it sub-sahara hot outside?!? It must be 1,000 degrees! Sweltering, oppressive, can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t think, can only pray for winter heat. ‘Hot like hot wings with hot chocolate in hell.’ Feels like the earth is on fire!" 

the funniest thing of all to me is dog teeth… whenever i have a moment of utter despair (ok. maybe that’s a little melodramatic) but if i just need a quick pick me up, i try to get my puppy to show me his teeth… or i make him make faces… i don’t why but i find dog teeth fabulously hilarious… which again usually gets me very strange looks… 
like sitting at my grandmother’s table having a discussion about the state of the union (aka my life) and then this came on >>> and well… i lost my focus because dogs in dentures… bwahahahahahahaha!!! she just *side.eyed*me and i laughed until that moment of funny had completely washed over me. 

i am not sure that everything that made me laugh will make you laugh. i will not beseech you to find things to laugh at, but rather to let them find you and really. genuinely. laugh out loud 😀 

Dick Solomon and Brandon Tolson are 2/3’s of the musical fusion of Renaissance be.ings called Artistik Approach… 

RDJ is Richard Douglas Jones a Memphis based road comic… 

E.O.N is Anti.Life Equation is Fathom 9 among other things.

Tricia Harris in addition to writing funny FB statuses is a Writer, Activist, Social Progress Business Consultant 

reader of books 
laugher of laughs 
somethin’.like.a blogger 


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