ADVENTURE 12,456.5 (From Adventures in Malaika)

ADVENTURE 12,456.5…
technically that number may not be accurate… but i figure i’ve had at least one adventure every day of my life (sometimes two or three, which may or may not count as sometimes one adventure leads to another) but you get the picture…
last night’s adventure found the unlikely heroine (as it is unlikely that i will perform anything resembling heroism on a regular enough basis to be considered a heroine, but i always liked that line in movies and comic books, but i digress) looking for love… as i had tickets to Beale St. Musicfest, an ecumenical love offering to the god of happy month.a.versaries, i was sure i’d find at the very least some semblance of love close to the front of the stage on which Everclear would perform… because “Santa Monica” and “I Will Buy You a New Life” sound a lot like love to me…but the universe in all it’s infinite wisdom had other plans. plans that included a big sign in a warehouse window directing me to LOVE. and in that warehouse full of stylized hearts (designed by the Mrs. Edie Love) i found love. love of music. color. movement. texture. sound. body parts. children. parents. lovers. new and old friends. artists… i missed Everclear, but i found love and it carried me on a free trolley ride. to the Beale St. Music Fest to the front of a stage where i saw. sang and danced to B.o.B in back of a teenaged boy who looked like he had just found love… if you are looking for love, i know where to find her…
ALL the beAuty,

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